Wild Dog Jaw Bone - Canis Lupus -Craft Bone for Carving and Collection

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Feral Dogs 'Canis lupus familiaris'.
Dingo's 'Canis lupus dingo' & their hybrids.

*ALL animals be it a Pet, Native or Invasive Species, are treated respectfully. No animal is ever harmed for the purpose of my work.*

Available are fully processed Wild Dog Jaw Pieces. Some are missing teeth. I have fully processed and whitened. They are perfect for restoration products, craft and design, or to display as is. The price is PER single JAW PIECE, SELECTED AT RANDOM.

My specimens are all sustainably sourced.
This has many different meanings, which is why it is important to differentiate from the word "ethical".
These animals are part of a predation Government program, in which they are humanely controlled in order to minimise the risk of their growing numbers and kill rate.
They destroy livestock, they breed at a very fast rate, and most importantly they are not domesticated dogs.
They are feral, wild, completely disconnected from human association.

Dingoes were introduced to Australia over 4000 years ago, and their presence has been linked to the extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger (Cylacane), and the mainland Tasmanian Devil.

These animals have come to me from a large station where they have to be controlled.