Taurus ▪︎ Ankole Watusi Bull Horn Set *FREE Gifts & Shipping*

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Available is my last set of Watusi Horns.

These guys were held and treated in customs, delaying the arrival. Since then I have been admiring them in my showroom, but is time to part with them.

They are mostly in their natural state besides antibacterial cleaning and treatment. They can be further sanded and polished until you are happy with the result, or left as is for display.

Horns measure- 52cm Base-Tip

Included is an Engraved Decorative Watusi Coaster + American Bull Hide squares.


Watusi cattle is a breed that derives from Central Africa, but is now bred in other parts of the world such as the United States.

Their colouring is predominantly red, but can been seen in a number of different colours as a result of breeding and cross breeding.

Horns are considered "abnormally large", with the largest wide spread circumference found in ANY breed. 

Watusi are listed in the Guiness World Book of Records; a brother and sister pair with horns measuring an astonishing 103.5cm (male), and 95.25cm (female).