African Hartebeest ▪︎ Kaama ▪︎ Kongoni ▪︎ Horned Skull Cap 》 FREE Carl Akeley Photogravures ▪︎ Collector Set

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African Hartebeest Skull Cap

African Hartebeest ▪︎ Kongoni ▪︎ Unusual Skull Cap》 FREE Carl Akeley Photogravures ▪︎ Collector Set

This incredibly bizarre skull travelled from Europe, and sadly was damaged on arrival. It is still a stunning collection piece, with incredible horns that will look great mounted or on display.

Included are TWO Original Carl Akeley Photogravures.

Lichtensteins Hartebeest & Cokes Hartebeest


The hartebeest (/ˈhɑːrtəˌbst/;[3] Alcelaphus buselaphus), also known as kongoni or kaama, is an African antelope. It is the only member of the genus Alcelaphus. Eight subspecies have been described, including two sometimes considered to be independent species. A large antelope, the hartebeest stands just over 1 m (3 ft 3 in) at the shoulder, and has a typical head-and-body length of 200 to 250 cm (79 to 98 in). The weight ranges from 100 to 200 kg (220 to 440 lb). It has a particularly elongated forehead and oddly-shaped horns, a short neck, and pointed ears. Its legs, which often have black markings, are unusually long. The coat is generally short and shiny. Coat colour varies by the subspecies, from the sandy brown of the western hartebeest to the chocolate brown of the Swayne's hartebeestBoth sexes of all subspecies have horns, with those of females being more slender. Horns can reach lengths of 45–70 cm (18–28 in). Apart from its long face, the large chest and the sharply sloping back differentiate the hartebeest from other antelopes. A conspicuous hump over the shoulders is due to the long dorsal processes of the vertebrae in this region.[4]