🐝 DEATH'S HEAD HAWKMOTH▪︎Collectors Gift Box▪︎ Acherontia atropos 🐝 🎃

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Available are TWO Halloween Exclusive Death's Head Hawkmoth Collector Gift Boxes.

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These are the largest females I've received from our Italian partners. Each with their own unique Skull marking on the thorax, and individual wing patterns that vary slightly.

Partnered with the remarkably smaller Male atropos.

I have chosen our three most stunning A1 Female and Male specimens. Please select carefully and check the IMAGE attached to the product to ensure you get the exact frame. All three frames differ slightly.

As part of your new collection, you will also receive a real Pupal Case (Inside a glass vial) from which our Acherontia Brood grew.

Additional gifts will also be included 💀



Set inside our premium 22x22cm Glass Preservation Frame. Ready to hang or free stand.