Caring for your collection

In order to keep your creations looking their best, there are a couple of tips I highly recommend following.
Insect domes and frames

Do not display in direct sunlight. Doing so will result in fading of the specimens, and possibly the glass.  In extreme cases of heat exposure, some time unwanted moisture is created. A well lit shelf, cabinet or desk would be perfect.

Do not remove the lid unless it is absolutely necessary. The specimens need to remain encased in order to protect their delicacy.
Please do not tip glass domes. If you have to transport them, place them back inside the foam cut out that you recieved your dome in. Ensure it stays upright the entire trip. 
And finally, use a dust free cloth or duster to remove any specs should they appear. 
Skulls and Bones
If you have purchased a display specimen (full scale clean) they do not require any maintenance. Occasionally they may gather some household dust, but a duster or cloth will do the job. 
If you have any questions regarding a piece you already own, or one you want to, please feel free to contact us!.