😈 Meet YOUR Maker 😈

😈 Meet your maker! 😈
(Strap in, it's a long one)

It took years for me to do this the first time, and now with the Local Business Awards finals coming up, it's time to reintroduce myself and my mug 🤑

So, I'm Lanah and I started Hey Succa & Skulls Halloween 2019.
I started out mainly growing & arranging Succulent Displays (some within Cattle Skulls), making cement planters & pots etc.
But as I do with everything in life, it didn't take long for me to Swan dive into Taxidermy and Preservation, once I realised that's what I really thrived on learning about.
Got my head stuck deep into research, and with the help of my tutor and friend Os Venator Taxidermy Australia got my hobbyist license.
Today, I'm a NSW Professional Taxidermist (Licensed to work on Native & Protected/Predator species).
I am a 'Trusted import trader' in Australia, and this has become a large part of my business.
My Conservation species, Vintage, Rare & Collectible pieces all fall under this category.

Sourcing GENUINE, REPUTABLE, HONEST and LOVING Breeders, Hunters, Farmers, Pest Control Hunters & all else in between; The Mother-Ship of Hey Succa.
I have trusting partners & deep friendships with the individuals and teams I've met over the years.
Grateful is an understatement.

Im a Mother to a beautiful blonde Son.
Two giant breed Mastiffs, Two Frogs, Two Blue Tongue lizards, & anyone else animal or human, I'll mother the shit out of you too 😋😋
I left Pet Care (Grooming/Sales/Store Management) after 10 years, had my son & grabbed the Sole Trader Bull by the horns... literally.

Sharing this passion with you all is the BEST part of this whole gig.
I've met people I'm going to be friends with forever.
Seeing what you create, display or end up doing with my items brings me so much happiness.
One day, all of these species will be gone.
Preserving them is now my livelihood and one of my greatest loves.
And so are y'all!.

Now go wipe them tears 😋🤣🥰🥳🦋🖤💀🌻🤗🍁
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