Chinese Water Deer - Hydropotes inermis Historic Cervidae - Vampire Deer - Fanged Male

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Chinese Water Deer (Hydropotes inermis) Vampire Deer.

Available is one large fanged Male- Displayed inside a glass dome.

Chinese Water Deer are categorised as a VULNERABLE Species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, in South Korea. Due to poaching for parts of their organs for medicinal purposes. The ailments they treat have never been proven responsive to the deer that suffer for it.

Our specimens are obtained from a Pest Control facility in Great Britain, where the species is considered invasive; Due to a Zoo outbreak. Hunting season to lessen the population is conducted at times throughout the year by trained and licensed hunters.

A truly stunning and historic breed. CWD simply never evolved. While their larger relatives lost their Vampire-ish canines, and instead grew large antler; CWD never changed. They never grew antler and continued growing large retractable Canine Teeth. Their morphology indicates they are a 'New World Deer. With fluffy teddy bear like ears, stub tail, and a weight not exceeding 12kg, they are very unique.

Despite most fanged deer being endangered, one area where they’re doing really well is Great Britain, where a few species of fanged deer escaped from zoos or were introduced in the wild by some well-meaning (but ill-informed) people.

There is some fantastic information on Wikipedia regarding this animal, its status, morphology and everything else you could think of.